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Pencil Cactus ‘Firesticks’- Euphorbia tirucalli  


Cacti come in so many shapes and sizes. This is one of the more unusual ones! The Pencil Cactus gets its name because… well, it looks like a bunch of pencils! 

Be careful of its milky sap, as that, can be toxic (not a pet-friendly plant). It likes sunny spots, so a southern windowsill is best. Make sure you use cactus soil and only water it a few times a month. When watering, thoroughly saturate the soil until it drains out of the bottom of the pot. 

Growing Information DiamondLawnCare 
Mature Height: 6 inches 
Mature Width:  
Sunlight: Partial Sun/Shade 
Bloom Time:  
Growth Rate: Easy grower 
Grows Well In Zones: Indoors 
Your Growing Zone: 

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