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We are a local professional lawn care and landscaping company, but not one of those big, faceless franchises. Since we are local, we understand our surroundings, clients, climate, grass, insects, and different soil types. We also understand which grass varieties are best suited for Lancaster at its surrounding areas.

We have a different approach than other lawn care companies in the area. Here at Diamond, we are committed to giving you the healthiest, greenest landscape you’ve ever had using our 7 Step Process. We go beyond a superficial makeover. Instead, we provide lawn improvement, weed and lawn pest control, and lawn maintenance. Your lawn and garden will be the envy of the neighborhood – that’s our promise to you.

Diamond Lawncare & Snow Removal provides much more than our name implies. We are a full-service landscaping company also offering tree removal services, small excavation, rock removal, and more while also providing snow removal services in winter.

Popular Landscape and Lawn Services

Lawnmowing for homeowners and commercial clients

Our team will cut and help you maintain a healthy lawn!

Shrubs and Tree Care

Don't let things get behind - our tree and shrub care will keep your yard looking great.

Insect and Pest Control

We will treat your lawn, trees, and plants to help limit pesky pests!

Our 7-Step

Step 1 – Pre-emergent, crabgrass with fertilizer

Pre-Emergent is important, because it will create a barrier on your lawn that will last 8 to 10 weeks. This barrier works in such a manner that will help limit and control weeds before they are able to germinate.

Step 2 – Post-emergent, crabgrass

This will serve as a slow-release fertilizer and crabgrass preventer into the summer months.

Step 3 – Spring Broadleaf including grub control & weed control

This refers to a slow-release fertilizer alongside a season long anti-grub and larvae campaign.

Step 4 – Insect treatment (not to include nutsedge treatment)

The summer fertilizer should be applied in the middle of August to ensure that the grass will maintain its health and color during the hot summer months.

Step 5 – Fall Broadleaf weed control

Its function is to help your grass recover from summer stress.

Step 6 – Fall Fertilizer

Winterizer should be applied to your lawn to help promote root growth all winter long and during early spring.

Step 7 – Lime Application

Usually done every couple of years based upon soil conditions. Soil test required.

Core Aeration or Slice Seeding plus Diamond Blend Seed offered as a separate service


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