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Lawn Fertilizing

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A well-fed, healthy, green lawn not only enhances the value and beauty of your property, but it is also far more resistant to cold, heat, drought, mowing, foot traffic, and other lawn stressors. Lawn fertilizing helps give your lawn the nutrients it needs to withstand tough, dry summers and sudden cold snaps in the fall.

As a local lawn fertilization company, we know firsthand the challenges and common lawn problems in Lancaster County. In addition to thatching, clover, wild violets, voles, and heat stress, incorrect pH, lack of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium are common lawn problems in our area. Our pest control and lawn fertilization services can help mitigate these issues and get your lawn green and lush again.

Lawn fertilization does so much to improve and maintain a lawn, yet over-fertilizing your lawn can make it susceptible to disease. We can apply the proper fertilization at an appropriate frequency, in the proper amount needed to keep your property looking great.


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