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Stella D’Oro Daylily


Hermerocalis “Stella D’Oro” 




Repeat Blooms & Carefree Color, Why Stella D’Oro Daylily Plants? Taking its name from the Greek word Hemerocallis, meaning ‘beautiful for a day’, the Stella lives up to its title but delivers beautiful blooms all summer long. 

Plus, it’s typically the first Daylily to bloom during the spring…and the last. That means it’s one of the most prolific, longest-lasting flowering plants you can buy.  

You get the vibrant, iconic good looks of the Stella Lily and the promise of healthy, effortless growth. Plus, your Stella is grown and nurtured to bloom naturally. That means no guesswork in growing for you – simply select the perfect spot, sit back, and enjoy the show. 


You cannot beat the performance and adaptability of this plant. Whether you plant in a container and put them around your patio or entryways for a colorful effect or use your Daylilies in vivid borders, the Stella transforms your yard into the best in the neighborhood. 


Even better is the fact that it’s highly tolerant and easy to grow. 



Growing Information DiamondLawnCare 
Mature Height: 2 ft 
Mature Width: 2 ft 
Sunlight: Full Sun  
Bloom Time:  
Growth Rate: Moderate 
Grows Well in Zones: 4-9 
Your Growing Zone: 

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